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'Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders' - Vinyl

'Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders' - Vinyl

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Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders Red Colored Translucent Vinyl

Tracklist - 

  1. The Best
  2. Slam (Angel Miners)
  3. Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever (feat. Alex Ebert)
  4. Lightning Riders
  5. California Halo Blue
  6. Radical
  7. Battered, Black & Blue (Hole in My Heart)
  8. Pacific Coast Highway in the Movies (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
  9. Half Italian
  10. I’m A Wreck

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Check your email for a download link of the 'Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders’ Album - Official release date: April 24, 2020

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