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Megalithic Symphony (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Vinyl

Megalithic Symphony (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Vinyl

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Limited Edition 3LP set celebrating the 10th Anniversary of this historic release.

Limited to 1 per purchase

Includes the original Megalithic Symphony LP on Ultraclear Vinyl, a bonus LP of previously unreleased material on Gold Vinyl and a download card containing all songs from the digital release.

Packaged in a custom slip case. 

Track listing:


  1. Megalithic Symphony
  2. Some Sort of Creature
  3. Soul Wars
  4. People
  5. Jump on My Shoulders
  6. Burn It Down
  7. Guilty Filthy Soul
  8. Kill Your Heroes
  9. My Nightmare's Dream
  10. Sail
  11. Wake Up
  12. Not Your Fault
  13. All I Need
  14. Knights of Shame


  1. Cannibals      
  2. I’m No Good
  3. Wichita Panama        
  4. Burn It Down (Live in London)
  5. Sail (Live in Columbus)            
  6. Guilty Filthy Soul (Live in Boston)        
  7. Kill Your Heroes (Live in Los Angeles) 
  8. Not Your Fault (Live in Houston)         
  9. All I Need (Live in Austin)       
  10. Soul Wars (Live in Salzburg)    
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